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In Reminiscence

About the project

This book is an articulation of my sentimental longing for the past and wishful affection towards the future. It entertains personal associations with significant people and peculiar places. The project was a pre-masters experimental approach used to tell a travel story.

Book + Interactive Installation

The book

The book is a compilation of nostalgic recollections, articulating a sentiment of longing towards the past. These emotions were communicated through the colours of the imagery. One thing in common among the book images is a sense of movement. The visual language in the photographs was used to convey motion. Most of them contain an element of haziness and blurriness that resemble the way memories are retrieved and visualized in the mind. The poem also mimics how memories are replayed in the mind; it jumps from one event to the other like flashes.

A French stitched and exposed spine reflects the vulnerable nature of the content within. Additionally, a blind embossed title is used to give a subtle impression.

The Installation

An old typewriter was transformed into an electronic keyboard that is connected to the computer using a USB. Paired with a Processing coded patch, interaction with the typewriter results in images from the book being projected onto the wall and sounds played in the space. Each typewriter button links to one picture from the book.