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The God Image

This video is a design concept I did for my Bachelor Project.

The research was about understanding how and why each person perceives God individually; going beyond the religious, philosophical and social ideologies of who God is and stepping deeper into the emotional perception of God.

I conducted case studies which showed similarities between how people interact with the environment around them and how they view God. Nature and nurture, upbringing and space, inner emotions and experiences, they all affect each person's God representation.

These individual differences are worth exploring and understanding, so I designed a concept for an online experience where people can share stories and thoughts about their own perception of who God is. The context and space in which the stories come together aims to emphasize the individuality of each story and engage users to explore and add to the scene in hopes of creating a larger context and new meanings.

Sound taken from

And a special thank you to Farah Hany for narrating her story.